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Motion Sensor Security LED Flood Light 85-265V

This motion sensor light has an integrated PIR Motion Sensor to detect movement and automatically switch the
lights on. 

The Sensor is fully adjustable via 3 dials at the bottom., Smart motion sensor— Detect any movement 10 meters and switch on automatically.
(1) Sensitivity from 0-12M
(2)Lighting time from 5sec. to 8 minutes;
(3) Lux environment from night to daylight.

Aluminum housing — Waterproof aluminum house, IP65.
Low power consumption — usually a 50W LED flood equal to a 400-500W halogen bulb, save up to 80% electricity bill.
Long life span— compare to a conventional lamp like halogen or HPS life
span of 8000 hours, LED last more than 50,000 hours.
Easy installation — come with steel stand for insallation, the sensor is rotationable to adjust detective angle.

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