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Mini folding aircraft

The 6-Axis Aircraft With Gyroscope can be controlled by your mobile Or Remote.

It has a very Large Capacity Battery of 600 mAh with 3.7V and can be fully Charged in 90 Minutes. 

It has a Flight Time Of 7-8 Per Minute.

You Can Control It From 100m Distance.


Include camera / rise / fall / left turn / right turn / no head mode / a healthy return/Forward/reverse/with gyroscope/roll/Side fly / 3D roll / with hand throw / professional version operation / normal version operation / with LCD display development, crawling, vision, interest development, sensory, emotional, auditory, hand-eye coordination.

It Has Handle Remote Control Method.It Has A-phone control - blue,B- phone control - orange,C- with remote control - blue, D-with remote control - orange.

It can take off 0-250G. It Has maximum Flight Hight Of 0-120 Meters.

With no Weight, it Can pull 0-1.5kg.

suitable for ages: 15-35 Years.

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