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Stainless steel pressure pot coffee maker

Specifications: 70mm*273mm
Coffee powder capacity: 25g
Material: food-grade PP+304 stainless steel + food-grade silicone
Uses: brewing tea, beverages, heat preservation, and cold preservation

The French press is one of the best coffee makers you will ever use. In fact, if you are in a quality coffee shop and ask for a single, straight coffee-they don't have ready-brewed-they often use a French press to make it. That is one of the weird and wonderful things about making coffee. More expensive brewing systems not better coffee. They just make the process of making it a bit more convenient. How do the French press and single-cup combinations combine? Then here comes FRENCH PRESS COFFEE MAKER TRAVEL MUG.
1. It has the best fine filtration to get a nice taste.
2. Inner special patented design water insulation system keeps nice taste stay with you always.
3. Easy to carry for outdoor use, such as camping, hiking, driving, fishing, etc.
4. A double-wall stainless steel vacuum and insulated walls will keep your drinks warm without fading the taste.
5. Easy to operate, you just pour hot water and press then it's OK
6. Great gift for lovers, bride, bridal shower, housewarming, commuter, walker, families, friends, drivers, etc.

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