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Nicefeel Electric Oral Irrigator Water Flosser

Brand: Nicefeel

World Wide Volt: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz

Water Reservoir Capacity: 1000 ML

Primetime: 15s Max

Color: White

Power: 18W

Mode: Normal & Massage

High Pressure: 78 - 125 PSI

Medium Pressure: 60 - 100 PSI

Lower Pressure: 30 -60 PSI

Speed: 1250 - 1700 RPM in the highest setting

Noise Standard: < 75 dB

Water Flow: ≥290ml / min

Flow Rate: 290 mL/Minute

Weight About: 1150g

Size Approximately: 210 x 180 x 90mm

Its ease of use, large capacity of reservoir Etc.

It removes 99% of the plaque.

It is all in one dental curing device with ease of use.


It has 10Files Adjustment.

Household: 1000ml high-volume reservoir for more than 90-second use, compact size for easy placement.

10 files adjustment : Automatically generate different pulse power.
1200 rounds / min pulsation : A unique combination of water pressure and pulsation to clean deeply bacteria between teeth and gum line.

New style oral health : Destroy bacteria in the mouth, eliminate bad breath, enhance teeth health.

7 Tips to powerful function Effective for improving gum health, removing harmful bacteria and debris.

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